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We are a reseller of the quality Stormtech product line.  While we sell their great products,  we are not Stormtech Canada. To visit Stormtech's primary website,  click here

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All Stormtech products are subject to availability. The Stormtech product range is substantial and includes many variants.  Some products have many colour choices,  as well as a large size range.  Add to this options for men's, women's and youth fits means the stock spread is significant.   

Because of this, some sizes, colours and styles may not be in stock.  Items not available locally can easily be added to weekly air freight (StormXpress) shipments from our North American suppliers to Auckland.  We generally place these orders every Thursday.  Goods normally arrive the following Monday or Tuesday and are then shipped to your door as usual.  You do not need to worry about taxes, duties additional freight or any other charges or fees.  This is all taken care of and you only pay the usual cost of these great Stormtech products . 

Please ask if you have questions regarding this. 

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