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Stormtech Men's Hurricane Shell

Stormtech Men's Hurricane Shell
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Ready for variable environs. A stowable storm hood, fully sealed seams, waterproof zippers and easy-access pockets give comfortable, convenient cover from the elements, rain or shine.

  • STORMTECH H2XTREME® 5,000/5,000 Waterproof/Breathable Outer Shell
  • Sealed Seams
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Adjustable Cuffs
  • Stowable Storm Hood
  • Adjustable Drawstring Hood
  • Adjustable Hem
  • Dropped Back
  • Brushed Tricot Pocket Lining
  • Internal Zippered Security Pocket
  • Articulated Action Elbows
  • Soft Hood Brim
  • 100% Polyester with Membrane, 2.95oz./yd2 (USA) / 100gsm (CDN)
+5°C (41°F) to +20°C (68°F)

Water Resistance 5,000mm
Breathability 5,000g/m2

Heat Transfer
Screen Printing
Laser Etching

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